Pest Information

Pests can pose risks to your health and they can cause damage to your property.

Pest Assured focuses in breaking the life cycle of any pests in your home in order to prevent any further attacks in the future. Here are a just few of the more familiar ones.


One ant can lead the way for an entire colony to attack your home.


They are just visible to the naked eye. They can be eradicated with the right treatment.


These creatures feed on human blood, they tend to jump up from the carpet and can cause nasty small itchy bites. These can be got rid of by treating the carpet.


Mice tend to like to come into a nice warm environment particularly during the winter. They are able to get through the smallest of holes and soon start to make nests and breed. They can be dealt with quickly and prevention advice for the future can be given.


They breed very quickly and before you know it the situation can be out of control. There a number of methods in dealing with this type of infestation.

There are many other types of Pests and Pest Assured deals not only with the common ones named above also with some of the more unusual ones. Call us today so that we can start helping you whether it's in your home or at your work.

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